CPU 24/7 Resource Area FAQ

Do you have any questions about the Resource Area? Preliminary answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below. Detailed information and additional HowTos are provided here after login.

What has CPU 24/7 to offer?

CPU 24/7 GmbH is an innovative company specialised in providing high-performance computing (HPC) systems and computing power on demand for industry and universities, for applications in development and research. Our products are the permanently available Tailored Configurations and the flexibly usable Resource Area, which comes with a pre-configured working environment.

What is the CPU 24/7 Resource Area?

The Resource Area is a network of high-performance servers. It was developed for the calculation of complex engineering tasks. You can access the Resource Area via a web portal, where you can easily make reservations of on-demand HPC resources. Servers can be booked per hour.

Is the registration free of charge?

Signing up to use the website is free. After signing up you can log in and make a reservation for one or more servers.

How much does it cost to book a server?

The costs depend on the selected server configuration, the number of servers and the time frame. After sending your booking request with the according server configurations, you subsequently will be informed about the price. If this meets your requirements, you may then confirm your booking bindingly. The minimum time slot of a reservation is one hour.

Price example:
Performance Class: low (85.31 GFlops) for 0.0999 Euro per hour
Server / Node: 1
Cores: 8
Time Frame: 6 hours
License: Open Foam®, free of charge

Price = # Node * # Cores * Time Frame * Performance Class + License
Price = 1 * 8 * 6h * 0.0999 Euro/h + 0.00 Euro = 4.80 Euro

When will the server be ready to use?

When you sign up, your account will be activated by one of our customer service representatives. After that you can make your reservations. Each new customer can try our services for 6 hours free of charge, open source licenses are also at your disposal. You can select a server of any performance class. If you have questions regarding commercial licenses please contact our support team. The support team can inform you about any conditions regarding commercial licenses.

What are servers, nodes and cores?

Servers are also called nodes. Each has a certain number of processors with a certain number of cores. Therefore, each server has multiple cores (at least 8). Depending on the performance class you select, you will have 12, 24 or 28 cores per server.

How many nodes and cores do I need?

If you are not sure about the number of cores you need, we are at your disposal. Just give us a call +49 (0) 331 279784-21 or contact us by e-mail: ondemand@cpu-24-7.com.

How does the Resource Area work?

Once you have registered in the Resource Area and the new user account has been activated by an administrator, you may then login with your user name and password. Afterwards select your desired booking period and performance class to assemble your individual HPC cluster. Already 14 days before the beginning of your simulation period you have time to upload your data models. Shortly before the booking period starts, you will receive an e-mail with the required access data. If you made a reservation that is no longer required, you can cancel it until a few hours before the scheduled start. With the beginning of your booking period you have now access to the resources and you may start your calculations. You can either remain logged in into the server cluster and monitor the process. Or there is also the possibility to log out and return to the server cluster at a later time to download the results of your calculations. Finally, the invoice is delivered to you by e-mail and as a PDF document after the booking period has finished. Besides, an additional time of 14 days for downloading your results is provided to you.

How can I pay my bill?

By default you receive an invoice, issued in Euro. The invoice amount is payable within 14 days of invoicing (via transfer). If you have a PayPal Express account, you can pay easily your bill via credit card within the deadline indicated in the invoice. Generally, the payment is defined by actual use (pay-per-use) or you will receive a monthly invoice after prior consultation.

I’m not a business client, but I would like to use HPC compute resources as well. How does it work?

Actually, the Resource Area is designed for B2B purposes only. However, on request, using the Resource Area for B2C purposes might be also possible and may be requested in the particular case. In this regard please contact our customer service via e-mail ondemand@cpu-24-7.com or phone +49 (0) 331 27978421.

Do you have any other questions or need further assistance? Contact us by e-mail ondemand@cpu-24-7.com, phone +49 (0) 331 27978421 or fax +49 (0) 331 50570092.

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